Why do we need heroes?

A simple question, but finding a single answer to this question is anything but simple. A quick google search to this questions reveals over 51 million pages devoted to this question; books, both fiction and non fiction, have attempted to answer this question in areas ranging from philosophy to psychology since ink was first put to paper (or papyrus). Although a simple question, the answer is, I think, necessarily complex. The human condition, and traditionally the hero has arisen (or at least the most enduring of heroes) from the mass of humanity, is complexity itself--and here, I think, is the answer

external image Superman%20Animated%20002.jpg

We need heroes because in a world without the hero chaos rules. The human condition is complex, chaotic; heroes, in contrast, are powerful icons of monolithic force, drawn in primary colors, they see the world in the comforting shades of black and white, good and evil. They make things simple, safe for us to exist because someone else is dealing with the complexity.